This is the acoustic drum kit that students use during lessons. The five-piece (counting just the drums) is the most common set up for drum kits. The second most popular is the four piece (take away the middle tom). The heart of this kit is a Gretsch Catalina Club, with some extra drums and pieces that come and go depending on mood or music requirements.

Next to the acoustic drum kit, we have a Simmons electric drum kit. Students are welcome to play this kit as well. Both electric and acoustic kits have their benefits and drawbacks. I'm happy to explain them and answer any other questions you may have about drum kits.


This is a full-size Yamaha F335 steel string acoustic guitar that students are welcome to try out and/or play during lessons. It's a beginner/budget model (inexpensive) and cost about $165. But it plays well and sounds pretty good. If you try it out and find it's too big, you might be more comfortable with a 3/4 size guitar or mini guitar. I painted mine black, because I could. Haha.