"Darren is a great instructor, patient and helpful with our young drummer. Keeps him engaged and having fun while learning." - Chris Uthe

"When I got my first guitar, I was searching for a teacher and Darren was a perfect fit. He was very encouraging and open to song suggestions. Because of his teaching, we both have explored a variety of music genres, and he taught me a number of different skills to help challenge me. Because of him, I’ve gained my confidence as a performer and I am now my youth group’s worship leader, playing lead guitar and vocals. He has always been so supportive and fun to work with. Amazing teacher, 10/10." - Kadie Huls

"Darren has been a great guitar teacher for my daughter! He does an all around amazing job, and we have been very pleased. He also incorporates lessons based off my daughters favorite artist which she has truly enjoyed." - Amy L Degroot

"Our teenage son loves taking guitar lessons with Darren! What I appreciate most is how he chooses pieces that appeal to our son, and that his teaching style is casual and low stress. He let's our son's interests guide his lessons, and he recommends apps and resources that help our son grow between lessons. I highly recommend him!" - Rebecca Hoey

"My 9-10yo has been with Darren for almost a year in guitar. It's a low pressure environment & Darren does a great job making it fun. Notes & chords are learned but he also lets the student pick out music they like or want to try. Having Darren jump on the drums or another guitar for a little jam session with the student tops it off!" - Christel Davis

"I am new drummer and Darren is a good match to get me going. After a few months the beats are starting to come together and I look forward to lesson day. Positive feedback and lots of encouragement from Darren are giving me confidence to play with my guitar pals." - Robert Garrigan

"My daughter really enjoys her guitar lessons and is even practicing without my prompts because she's learning the music that she likes. Darren is a thoughtful instructor and paces the lessons to the student's needs." - Melissa Goodwin

"Darren is patient, easy to work with, and makes the lessons fun. My kid gets excited to go each week!" - Johanna Hunter

"Darren is excellent for my children to learn drums & guitar. He is very patient with my children as they learn. I would recommend Darren to any parent looking for music lessons for their children." - Sandra McMahon

"My son has a lot of fun learning both the mechanics and playing songs. Darren is laid back which keeps the experience fun!" - JV

"Darren developed a good rapport with my daughter. She has a slight emotional disability and Darren's mild manner and humor helped her keep her temper in check." - Becky Pressler

"Darren makes guitar learning fun and the weekly lesson is a great stress reliever and decoupler for someone that picked up guitar later in life. The space is great and it is fun to at times play the guitar along with Darren on his drums." - Richard Dahl

"Great to work with, he is willing to work on songs you enjoy and want to learn. I actually look forward to lessons. First time learning guitar and adult beginner." - Jim Wasko

"Darren is a great teacher for my son! He's very patient and a skillful instructor:)" - Katie W

"Darren is awesome with our little guy! He enjoys the fun and energetic atmosphere!" - Annette Nystrom

"Both my sons have taken private lessons from Darren since 3rd grade. Our eldest son, Colin, is now a junior in college. He plays drums in the University’s highest band and receives a music scholarship (though he’s an accounting major). Our youngest son, Nolan, will be a junior in high school. He takes both bass guitar and drum lessons from Darren. Nolan is in his schools top Jazz Band and plays with several local bands. Darren meets people where their gifts are and builds on that potential!" - Mark J Ferri

"Darren was a wonderful guitar teacher for our elementary-aged son! He used fun songs that Caleb recognized and enjoyed, but also taught him music theory, reading music, and other music skills. He relates well to kids and works with their quirky little personalities. Our son looked forward to lessons every week. I appreciated his good communication and flexibility. We only wish we could have brought Darren with us when we moved!" - Sarah Gilchrist

"Darren understands how to keep a young drummer interested in learning and progressing as a musician. His broad base of musical knowledge combined with his command of drumming technique makes it possible for him to find suitable material for every student. Best of all, he makes lessons fun!" - Jodi Latza

“Darren is very friendly, and drum lessons with him are a blast! I really learn a lot being taught by Darren. His lessons are great!” - Jack Hogan

“It is my privilege to have Darren as a teacher, mentor and guide. He knows how drums and other instruments should fit together and is able to demonstrate and articulate that in his teaching.” - John Srskta

“Darren is open to what I want to learn. There is always something new to learn at lessons, from rudimental skills to fills, to playing along with your favorite drummer. His feedback helps me learn my strengths and weaknesses.” - Dalonda Dalin

“Thanks for teaching me how to play the drums, Darren. I’ve learned a lot! I will continue to try to practice often.” - Karen Tim

“Darren’s lessons are well-organized, to the point, informative and very practical. Best of all, he covers topics that other instructors or drum students may have neglected in the past.” - Drumcast viewer