Look forward to lessons

"Darren was a wonderful guitar teacher for our elementary-aged son! He used fun songs that Caleb recognized and enjoyed, but also taught him music theory, reading music, and other music skills. He relates well to kids and works with their quirky little personalities. Our son looked forward to lessons every week. I appreciated his good communication and flexibility. We only wish we could have brought Darren with us when we moved!" – Sarah Gilchrist

Stay interested

"Darren understands how to keep a young drummer interested in learning and progressing as a musician. His broad base of musical knowledge combined with his command of drumming technique makes it possible for him to find suitable material for every student. Best of all, he makes lessons fun!" – Jodi Latza

Develop your own style

"Colin has taken two years of drum lessons from Darren and says it's his "favorite part of the week!" As a music teacher, I appreciate that Darren teaches sound fundamental techniques as well as encourages creative, stylistic development! Darren is a personal friend and fellow Christian." – Mark Ferri

Have fun!

“Darren is very friendly, and drum lessons with him are a blast! I really learn a lot being taught by Darren. His lessons are great!” – Jack Hogan

Learn and grow

“It is my privilege to have Darren as a teacher, mentor and guide. He knows how drums and other instruments should fit together and is able to demonstrate and articulate that in his teaching.” – John Srskta

There's always something new

“Darren is open to what I want to learn. There is always something new to learn at lessons, from rudimental skills to fills, to playing along with your favorite drummer. His feedback helps me learn my strengths and weaknesses.” – Dalonda Dalin

Practice, practice, practice

“Thanks for teaching me how to play the drums, Darren. I’ve learned a lot! I will continue to try to practice often.” – Karen Tim

Gain a solid grasp

“Darren’s lessons are well-organized, to the point, informative and very practical. Best of all, he covers topics that other instructors or drum students may have neglected in the past.” – drumcast.tv viewer